Suffer in Silence

My feelings are in the way. I need to push them aside. So why dear friend does this make me cry? I feel comfort from your presence And I find joy in our conversations. Why did my heart get involved? It’s so hard to be around you, but it’s so good too. My heart is … More Suffer in Silence

Midnight Thoughts

Tonight I was turning down my bed and I realized, I miss sleeping next to someone. Really sleeping. I guess I just miss having someone. Maybe it’s just having someone to talk to on the phone every night, or text throughout the day. I just kind of miss feeling special.   It’s going to be … More Midnight Thoughts

Auld Lang Syne

2015 brought me: Tears, Giggles, Healing, Dead ends, Heartache, Breakdowns, Finding my voice, Growing in music, Overcoming fears, Gaining self-esteem, Searching for answers, Learning my self-worth, Discovering new passions, Courage to speak my mind, Saying goodbye to old friends, Making memories with new friends, Building a relationship with the Lord, And most of all, loving … More Auld Lang Syne