To The Friend I Miss The Most

It literally hurts me to know that we aren’t really friends anymore. I think about you daily and it makes my heart heavy. We had been friends since the fourth grade. I went over to your house every weekend where we would have makeovers, photo shoots, and watch all the Disney movies. We are 21 years old now and the only thing that I regret at my young age is our friendship falling through.

We went through it all: puberty, drama, heartbreaks, stress, fights, family gatherings, breakdowns, and not nearly enough laughs. We had our own cliques in school but that didn’t stop us from being best friends. I knew in my heart that we would always be friends. I wish that were still true.

When college came so did the separation. At that time we still acted like we would always be best friends no matter the distance. No one prepared us for reality. After the first year we just stopped talking. Weekly phone calls turned into monthly phone calls, and those turned into once a semester texts. Even those little conversations weren’t enough to make our friendship last.

I can count on one hand how many times we have seen each other since college started. At first I blamed our schedules conflicting, but we both know it’s because we don’t have anything in common anymore. Every time I pass by your house I look to see if you are there. When I see your car I can’t help but hope that one day you will text me so we can hang out like we used to. My heart wants nothing more to be in your life, but we aren’t the same people we used to be.

I see your posts on social media and smile because I know you are doing all you said you wanted to accomplish. I do understand now that we have completely different lives and don’t have time for each other, it happens. Know that I truly miss our friendship and hope that one day we are able to catch up. If you are ever in doubt and need someone, I would still drop anything and be there for you in a heartbeat. Words can’t describe how much I miss our laughs and pillow talks, but at least I have those happy memories of when we where young and naïve. I love you and wish you the best on your journey through life.

Sincerely, Your childhood best friend


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